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XSE shopping cart has intuitive navigation, clear product catalog, advanced search, simple and secure checkout, powerful web admin interface to manage web store and view reports.

Feature summary: Skins (Master pages, styles and templates), multi-language, multi-currency, unlimited categories and products, images and attributes, reviews, product bundles, real-time payment gateways (Authorize.Net, FirePay, DPS Payment Express, Worldpay Select Junior, PayPal Payflow Pro, NetCommerce iPAY, PayPal IPN), real-time and custom shipping rates, import/export data, custom email templates, user groups and permissions, orders management, sale reports, sales marketing and fraud prevention tools.

We offer our shopping cart as a hosted ecommerce solution, software lease, and purchase. Hosted ecommerce solution includes shopping cart and ecommerce hosting on dedicated servers, real-time monitoring, log analysis, secure checkout and updates.

Test drive free trial. Sell up to 10 products free. You can setup shopping cart on your own servers. We provide dedicated 24/7 support thru our support ticket system. If you have any sales or support inquires contact us or call +1 (810) 433-9558

Innovative ecommerce software with powerful administration tools and context sensitive help. Solution for the ecommerce merchants and developers. Skins feature enables any custom layout designs, integrate shopping cart into existing web site.

Multilingual shopping cart is available with English, French, Italian and Arabic translations, other lnaguages could be added. The Arabic language support will benefit the whole Middle East and specifically the growing Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region with right to left interface.

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