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Exhibition are a forest – a forest of trade show booths, in a manner of speaking. Your objective as a trade show exhibitor is to make your booth stand out from all the numerous various other hundred trade convention cubicles. Your cubicle is the needle in the haystack, as well as you desire your potential customers to discover it amongst all that straw. So how do you achieve this? Exactly how do you make your cubicle stick out as well as draw in lots of certified web traffic?


Stopping working to strategy is intending to fail. Create a plan for success before you even sign up for the trade convention, and then dedicate to as well as adhere to that plan. First you have actually got to determine why you’re displaying at the show as well as that your target market is. You should, of course, take a look at the overall expense of exhibiting versus the potential make money from exhibiting, and verify that it makes economic sense to be there to begin with. Thinking you locate it potentially successful, you require to identify who your possibility is (who you intend to market to, as well as that can as well as will buy from you – whether you have an item, a service, or another thing …).

As soon as you have actually established that your prospects are, you’ll want to verify that enough of them will be attending the show you intend to display at (or you must discover a different show). Then you need to develop a clear and also compelling message that targets your possibility and tells them how you will certainly help them. You message must also include a call to activity. After you’ve got your strategy and also your budget plan, after you have actually recognized your possibility, and after you have actually developed that clear and also engaging message, you await action one.


When you enroll in a cubicle space at the trade convention or quickly there after that, you should obtain a checklist of signed up attendees (or at least an offer to send a mailing to each of the registered attendees). You require to establish a printed mailing piece that tells the attendees you’ll be exhibiting, where your trade convention booth will be, as well as gives them that clear and engaging message of why they must stop by your booth. You want them to dedicate beforehand (at least in their heads) to dropping in your booth. It’s normally better to send the mailer 2 or 3 times, and also not simply as soon as.


At the program you’ll wish to be sure you have a fantastic trade convention screen with a full-color, full-size, distinctive photo published on it, as well as your clear and succinct message (see “develop a plan” over). Along with your message, you want to be sure your firm name and what you do are plainly shown on your display screen. If you have an older and also possibly out-of-date layout on a currently existing screen, you need to take a look at updating your graphics to focus on the message that you wish to get across at this new program. Dial (888) 661-3373 to learn more about trade shows.

Adding illumination is a good touch that is typically neglected however that can brighten your cubicle and set it apart from the various other exhibition booths. You’ll require to make sure to register for adequate power at your cubicle. You may likewise wish to consider updating the extra padding under the carpeting in your cubicle. The extra cushioning is a wonderful, refined, and also subconscious method of informing prospects as they step into your booth that you are a “costs” firm.

You should likewise consider having trade convention free gifts (also described as “boodle” in the sector) to hand out to leads that stop by your booth. You require to have your company name and also contact information on the free gift.

I recommend having 2 degrees of free gifts – a less expensive giveaway such as a pen for individuals that are unlikely to come to be clients (make sure to provide your brochure and business card with the pen certainly), and a much more pricey free gift such as a USB memory stick for your current consumers or high-potential potential customers. You need to allow individuals learn about the free gift on your pre-show mailer (i.e. Visit Booth # 224 at the show and also talk with an associate regarding your fill-in-the-blank requirements, and also if you certify, you might obtain a XYZ memory stick). The memory stick free gift is a great concept because it can go in a possibility’s pocket and easily make it back to the office with them (unlike many free gifts that wind up in a hotel space trash can).

Every single time the memory stick is made use of, your prospect will certainly see your company name and also be reminded of you. If you’re really creative, you can consist of a duplicate of your internet site on the stick that immediately opens when the stick is linked into a computer – though one need to be able to a minimum of briefly disable the automated opening after the first time).


So you planned thoroughly, created a clear as well as concise message, as well as got great deals of qualified web traffic at your exhibition booth with your pre-show mailer, distinctive trade convention screen, and carefully-thought-out trade show giveaways. After the program you’ve got to follow up on your prospects promptly. Don’t wait to call until next week, or following month. Your trade convention displaying experience isn’t truly over up until you have actually spoken with every possibility after the program and also done your best to transform them right into a customer. After that you can appreciate the brand-new service, as well as begin planning for your following trade show.

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