Benefits of CBD in Pets

We already know that certain cannabinoids produced by hemp such as CBD or cannabidiol can help our pets, who like us have receptors that respond to their presence. But how can CBD help our animals?

Cannabinoids influence a number of things such as appetite or pain, stress or anxiety, so they can potentially be of great help in achieving better health for our beloved companions.

If we take a look at the medicinal properties of CBD, its multiple effects seem ideal for combating a large number of ailments and/or symptoms common to dogs, cats and other mammals that often accompany us. As an example, let’s see how it can help in the case of dogs and cats:

CBD for dogs

The administration of CBD or cannabidiol influences various areas of the animal’s health, such as memory, pain sensation, appetite or mobility. In addition, dogs appear to have more CB-1 receptors than any other animal species, so the administration of phytocannabinoids (plant-produced cannabinoids) to activate these receptors appears particularly promising because of their potential efficacy. Thus, CBD would be useful to treat:

Anxiety or stress
Lack of appetite
Cancer-related pains
Epileptic seizures or convulsions
Allergies and skin problems

This can improve the lives of animals suffering from arthritis or reduced mobility (common in older pets), stimulate their appetite or soothe them in stressful situations with lots of noise or lights, such as fireworks, travel or storms (something all of us who share a home with an animal know they hate).

CBD for cats

The CBD can also be of great help to another of the most common pets in our homes, our feline friends. As is logical for a simple matter of weight, the doses will not be the same as for dogs, and in the same way as with dogs, THC should not be given to cats.

However, if we are going to give CBD to our cat it is advisable to use only CBD oil and not other foodstuffs that may contain fibres or parts of the plant that would be suitable for most dogs. We can use CBD to treat various conditions, many of which are associated with old age:

Cardiovascular problems
Arthritis and Inflammation
Chronic kidney disease
Appetite problems
Anxiety or stress

It is therefore possible to improve the animal’s mobility, as well as to combat stress or anxiety caused by causes that we have already seen in dogs. In addition, it facilitates the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system, also reducing pain, spasms and stimulating the appetite.

Products with CBD for pets

Today we can find in the market a wide range of products rich in CBD, which are usually sold as food supplements or cosmetics for human consumption: CBD oils or capsules, CBD creams, CBD suppositories and even CBD foods.

In addition, these products often contain other compounds with beneficial properties such as terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins, none of which have psychoactive effects. At Alchimia we also offer you the oil with CBD for Cibapet pets, both for dogs and cats.

As we have already mentioned, it is not common – especially in our country – to find products specifically formulated for animals, although there is nothing to indicate that the products we have seen above cannot be used as long as the concentrations and doses indicated are taken into account. However, there are already companies that manufacture hemp-based products for pets such as the aforementioned CBD Network, Innovet, Therabis or Barkables, among many others.

For more info on CBD treats, kindly visit their website.

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